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Bull and Boar Barbecue Supply Co.

What's Your Beef Burger Competition

What's Your Beef Burger Competition

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Welcome to the What's Your Beef Hamburger Competition! Join us and Winola Farm Beef at the Bull and Boar Barbecue Supply Co. Warehouse for a sizzling showdown of delicious burgers. Think you have the best burger recipe in town? Bring it on, and let your patty skills shine! Whether you're a seasoned grill master or love a good burger, this event is for you. Come ready, leave happy – and maybe with a trophy! See you there!

Contest Rules:

  1. Teams may cook on any fire or heat source (Wood, Charcoal, Gas, Electric, Pellet, Fryer)
  2. Each team will be assigned a 10x10 Spot. Cooking sites are determined at load-in. No power or water will be provided; teams should bring their own if needed.
  3. All contestants MUST adhere to all electrical, fire, and other city, county, state, or federal codes. Each team is encouraged to have fire extinguishing devices in their cook site.
  4. Each team must comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the Volusia County health department. No meat, entry, or product may be sold.
  5. Each team should prepare and cook their meat on their on-site cookers.
  6. No garnish is allowed in the blind boxes. Boxes should contain one uncut burger for presentation and four portions or four sliders for tasting. SLIDERS ARE ALLOWED. For example, if you are turning in a large burger, you can cut one other burger into four portions, four whole burgers, or four sliders with the same ingredients as the presentation potion as long as it all fits in the turn-in box.
  7. Teams are required to turn in their blind box to the specified area.
  8. The turn-in time is 1:30 pm, and it should be turned in at the turn-in table at the side door.
  9. Winola Farm Beef will provide the beef. You may use other meat along with the provided beef, however, the beef from Winola must be used in your burger mix. Bull and Boar will provide the buns and turn-in boxes.
  10. Each team is responsible for observing prudent temperature control and good hygienic practices. Beef Burgers should be cooked to at least 140 degrees.
  11. Any toppings can be used on the burger.
  12. Burgers must fit into the turn in boxes(turn in boxes are 10"x10"x5" cake boxes)
  13. No foreign objects are allowed in the tasting portions of your turn-in. EX: toothpicks, skewers, butcher twine, etc. We will allow toothpicks/skewers in the presentation portion of your turn-in if they are needed to hold it in place.
  14. Each team is responsible for keeping the contest area clean. Once the contest is over, all fires must be put out, and all equipment, garbage, etc., must be removed from the site.
  15. No use of illegal substances, profane or abusive language, or loud music. This will be grounds for disqualification.
  16. Under no circumstances will teams distribute (give away or sell) alcoholic beverages to the general public. NO GLASS BOTTLES ARE ALLOWED.
  17. The chief cook is responsible for the conduct of his team and guests. Any disturbances or altercations resulting from a team member, guest, or individual in the team area are grounds for disqualification and expulsion from future contests.
  18. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at 2:00 pm at the turn-in table.
  19. Turn In Times: You have a 10-minute window to turn in your boxes ( 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after the designated time) Ex. Turn-in is 1:30 pm. You can start turning in at 1:25 pm; no more turn-ins will be taken after 1:35 pm.
  20. Boxes will be turned in at the turn-in table, and you must turn in the box with your team number.
  21. The scores will be weighted, with taste being the highest, next would be overall impression, and the least weighted would be appearance.
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